Goldsmith, Louis J., Hugo B., Milton P. (Portland)

Goldsmith, Louis J.

Goldsmith, Hugo B.

Goldsmith, Milton P.

Goldsmith Bros.


1890-1910 Portland

Directory Listings

before 1885 not listed

1885 PCD pg. 205 “Goldsmith, Milton M, clk Mooney, Valentine & Goldsmith, res 195 8th”

1897 AAP pg. 353 “Oregon Camera Club, Portland, Oregon, …Secretary, Milton P. Goldsmith…, directors…Hugo B. Goldsmith”

1898 AA pg. 264 “Oregon Camera Club, Portland, Oregon, …Secretary, Milton P. Goldsmith…”

1899 AAP pg. 351 “Oregon Camera Club, Portland, Oregon, … Secretary, Hugo S. Goldsmith …”

1900 Anthony pg. 269 “Oregon Camera Club, Portland, Oregon, …Secretary, Milton P. Goldsmith…”

1904 PCD pg. 421 “Goldsmith, Louis J, real est 209 Abington Bldg, res 321 24th N”, (no Milton)

1910 PCD pg. 463 “Goldsmith, Louis J., agt German Savings & Loan Society h 321 24th N”

1915 PCD pg. 511 “Goldsmith, Louis J (Alice H) agt German Savings & Loan Society h 321 24th N”

1925 PCD pg. 684 “Goldsmith, L J (Alice H ) financial agt 306 Platt Bldg h 321 24th N”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Goldsmith Bros., 273 Alder St., Portland Oregon” imprinted boudoir front, in neg “79 Muir Glacier”

News Items and Advertisements

1895: “The Oregon Camera Club held an enjoyable meeting …last evening… The special feature of the evening was the display of Hawaiian photographs, made by Mr. H. B. Goldsmith, an enthusiastic amateur. The views had been transferred to lantern slides, and were magnified and projected upon a huge white canvass by means of a stereopticon. There is a freshness and novelty about these views that renders them far more attractive than stock pictures. Perhaps the perspective is not always exact, and there are occasional blurs, or ‘ghosts,’ on the plate, but an amateur’s work without these natural signs would indeed be uninteresting. It must be said of the majority of Mr. Goldsmith’s pictures, however, that they are exceptionally good, and show excellent taste, and those who saw them last evening were not slow in expressing their admiration…” Oregonian, 27 February 1895, pg. 5, col. 2 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1898: “New Home of the Oregon Camera Club. (account of new headquarters and activities of group)… The newly elected officers of the club are: Milton Goldsmith, secretary…” … “On Mr. Goldsmith, as secretary, will depend in a large measure the success of the club in the ensuing year, which is exactly the reason he was elected. He was one of the charter members of the organization, and has always had its interests at heart. Both he and his brother, who is also an enthusiast, have spent a large share of their leisure time in the clubrooms, and to their efforts is due in a large measure the present high standard of the work. Mr. Goldsmith is a careful, painstaking photographer, with an eye for beauty in all its forms, and the ability faithfully to transmit it. For the most important position of secretary a better choice could not have been made.” Sunday Oregonian, 6 March 1898. (includes engraving of portrait of M. P. Goldsmith)

1898: ad for new Oregonian Building listing all tenants “Goldsmith, M. P., Secretary of Oregon Camera Club 214-15-16-17” Oregonian, 15 Aug 1898 pg. 9 (regular insertion)

1898: account of exhibition by Oregon Camera Club “H. B. and M. P. Goldsmith have their groups arranged together, and an excellent showing they make. Prominent among their pictures are several views taken by M. P. Goldsmith in the city of Honolulu, one of which particularly is attractive, showing a scene at the entrance to a wealthy garden, dark with the shadows of luxuriant tropical foliage, above which rise, tall and stately and magnificent, the lofty royal palms of the islands. The effect is heightened by the immediate foreground, which is laid in dead white. Beside this picture there are others of equal workmanship, though less elaborate subject, amongst them bits of interior, a tallyho party on the Blue mountains, side view of the decks of the ship Ochertyre, view of Multnomah falls, and a character study, showing a native Hawaiian guide lazily stopping in the still lazier descent of a slippery, pebbly hillside. All are good.”, further listing of prints: “…by L. J. Goldsmith, ‘Six Lambs on the Green (celluloid prints), and it may be said by way of parenthesis that these lambs would not be hung for sheep” “Sun Used by Artists”, Sunday Oregonian, 9 October 1898 pg. 15

1902: “GOLDSMITH, HUGO B., San Francisco. ‘The Duck Seller’ is one of the few Chinatown pictures accepted this year and is full of strength.” Camera Craft, Vol. IV, No. 3, January 1902. pg. 127.

1902: “GOLDSMITH, MILTON P., San Francisco ‘The Salesman of Fish Alley’ is the high-sounding title of what might more appropriately be called a ‘Chinese Medley” Camera Craft, Vol. IV, No. 3, January 1902. pg. 127.

1903: (review of San Francisco Salon) “A characteristic bit of Chinatown life, as we see it today in San Francisco, is H. B. Goldsmith’s ‘The Tooter,’ No. 74” Camera Craft, Vol. VII, No 3, November 1903, pg. 213. (authored by Arnold Genthe)

1904 (photograph illustrated) “Waiting For The Procession by Hugo Goldsmith” Camera Craft, Vol. VIII, No 3, February 1904, pg. 128.

1909: “Another Achievement added to the Oregon Camera Club’s annually more gratifying successes was its exhibition held in Steinway Hall, Portland, March twenty-second to twenty-seventh. The following comment on the pictures is abridged from the many full notices given by the ‘Portland Oregonian’ and other papers. … …Hugo B. Goldsmith has been the recipient of numerous compliments relative to his splendid collection of prints of Chinese subjects. These comprised ten in number and were realistic and true in every detail…” Camera Craft, Vol. XVI, No. 5, May 1909, pg.167-171.


Goldsmith, Hugo, “A Brownie in Chinatown”, Camera Craft, Vol. VII, No. 1, May 1903, pg. 20-21. article about street photography with a point-and-shoot snapshot camera. 6 illustrations.

Oregon Camera Club, Sixth Annual Print Exhibition, October 29 to November 3 1900, Portland; np nd, unpaginated, “List of Members…Goldsmith, H. B. … Goldsmith, L. J. … Goldsmith, M. P. …”, “Charter Members… Hugo B. Goldsmith…”, List of Prints by H. B. and M. P. Goldsmith at this exhibition: <note- the brothers shared credit for these prints individually>

68             Midway

69             The Grateful Shade of the Spreading Oaks

70             Feeding Time

71             Quiet Grounds

72             The Foot-Hills

73             The Natural Bridge

74             The Redwoods

75             Top Floor, Palace Hotel

76             Camera Club Workers

77             Pastures Green

78             Busy Corner in San Francisco

First American Photographic Salon, (exhibition catalog, Portland; Portland Society of Photographic Art, 1905) pg. 2. Louis J. Goldsmith listed as a member of the Portland Salon Committee.

Steel, William G; The Mountains of Oregon, Portland; David Steel, 1890, pg. 79 Articles of Oregon Alpine Club Constitution, Photographic Department, list of officers: Vice President, H. Goldsmith.

1910: Catalogue of print exhibition, Hugo B. Goldsmith has eight prints listed “37 – The Great Wall of Chinatown; 38 – The Happy Balloonists; 39 – Preparing For The Box Party; 40 – And There Was I, Waiting at the Church; 41 – Blowing Herself for New Year’s; 42 – Laugh and You Smile Alone; 43 – Weep, and You Have Company; 44 – A Breakfast Food Advertisement.” Oregon Camera Club, 15th Annual Print Exhibit, April 11th to 16th 1910., np, nd, 1910, pg. 6.

1910: Catalogue of print exhibition, Milton P Goldsmith has five prints listed “45 – Private Grounds at Moanalua, Honolulu; 46 – Private Grounds at Moanalua, Honolulu; 47 – The Morning Mist; 48 – Waiting for the Tide; 49 – Rainbow Falls, Hilo, Hawaii” Oregon Camera Club, 15th Annual Print Exhibit, April 11th to 16th 1910., np, nd, 1910, pg. 6.