Graham, Samuel B. (Corvallis, East Portland)

Samuel B. Graham (Corvallis, East Portland)
1884 Sprague WA
1885-1887 East Portland
1889 Corvallis
Directory Listings
1884 POWI pg. 558 Sprague WA “Graham, Simon B, photographer”
1885 PCD pg. 208 “Graham, S H, photographer, rms 74 4th”
1886 PCD pg. 499 East Portland “Graham, Solomon B photographer e s 3d nr L, bds Riverside Hotel”
1887 PCD pg. 516 East Portland “Graham, Solomon B photographer S 3d nr L bds Riverside Hotel”
1888 PCD not listed
1888 POWI not listed in Corvallis or Sprague,WA
1889 POWI pg. 191 Corvallis “Graham, Samuel B photographer”
1891 POWI not listed
Mautz Oregon “Graham, F (sic). B., 1885, Corvallis”
Photographer’s Imprints
“S. B. Graham, Photo, Corvallis, Or” cabinet card printed front.
“S. B. Graham, Landscape Photographer, Portland, Or.” boudoir view of family camping, printed front (WCM #LP72-279/276-24)
“S. B. Graham, Genl Landscape Photographs, Portland, Or.” boudoir of school group.

News Items and Advertisements
1889: “A new photograph gallery is being built by S. B. Graham, on his property just south of where he is now located.” The Corvallis gazette, July 19, 1889, pg. 3, col. 5.
1889: article discussing new construction and improvements in Corvallis. The narrative at this point is speaking of Second street, which was also called Main street; “Up the same thoroughfare to the south a new wooden building of twenty-four feet front and extending back nearly the length of a lot is being erected for S. B. Graham, the photographer, on his property on the west side of the street. Mr. Graham is doing a thriving business in his line and sees the necessity of having more room.” The Corvallis gazette, August 02, 1889, pg. 3, cols. 2-3.

1890: “S. B. Graham, the photographer, has some very fine views of the ‘flood’ around Corvallis. Get one as a memento, to look at in future years.” The Corvallis gazette, February 07, 1890, pg. 1, col. 5.

Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 64.
APG #83, item 36: photograph of highweel bicyclists posing outside photograph gallery. boudoir view with printed front “S. B. Graham, Photographer, Corvallis, Oregon”. Sign on frame building says “Gallery”, sample portrait display attached to facade.