Graves, Hubert D. (Roseburg, Portland)

Hubert D. Graves (Roseburg, Portland)
Peoples Gallery
Timothy Graves is his brother, see next listing.

-1887 Portland
1887-1908 Roseburg
There were several Peoples Gallery operations in California, which were not related to this one in Portland.
The Clark brothers (James and Charles) purchased the H. D. Graves studio in 1908, according to a 1972 interview recorded by Glenn Mason, cited by Peter Palmquist.

Directory Listings
1885 PCD not listed
1886 PCD pg. 227 “Graves, Hubert D (Graves Bros) res 153 Harrison”; “Graves Bros (Timothy L and Hubert D) platers 162 1/2 1st”
1887 PCD pg. 235 “Graves, Hubert D photoghpr 408 1st, res same”
1888 PCD not listed
1888 POWI pg. 467 Roseburg “Graves, Hubert D photographer”
1889 POWI pg. 444 Roseburg “Graves, Hubert D photographer”
1891 POWI pg. 542 Roseburg “Graves, Hubert D photographer”
1901 POWA pg. 356 Roseburg “Graves, Hubert D photographer”
1903 POW pg. 398 Roseburg “Graves Hubert D photographer”
Mautz Oregon “Graves, H., 1890, Roseburg”, “Graves, H. D., 1890, Portland”
Mautz Oregon: “Peoples Gallery, 1885, Portland”
Photographer’s Imprints
“H. D. Graves, Roseburg OR” printed front stereo card
“People’s Gallery, 408 First St. Portland, Or. H. D. Graves, photographer” CDV with stamped back (OHS #471-Hamlin)
“H. D. Graves, 431 Jackson st., Roseburg, Or.” printed front cabinet “H. D. Grave’s Gallery. The Latest Styles in Photographing, Copying, and Enlarging. Duplicates for Less. Roseburg, Or.” rubber stamp on mount back, 7 1/2″ x 9 1/2 print, Roseburg Civil War Veteran’s Parade, May 10th, 1894 (OHS)
“Graves Photo, Roseburg, Or” printed front cabinet card; “Latest Styles. Photographing, Copying and Enlarging. Duplicate Photos. for less price at Graves’ Gallery Roseburg, Or.” engraved cut printed on back. ms date Oct. 6 1888.

News Items and Advertisements
1887: “Mr. Omega Oakes has leased his photo gallery to Mr. Graves, of Portland, and retires from business on account of his ill health.” Plaindealer (Roseburg) 12 August 1887 pg. 3, col. 2.
1887: “After 12 years in the Photography business in this city, I have concluded to retire from business and notify all parties wishing to have pictures taken by me, must call before the first of Sept. 1887, as after that date I cease taking pictures in Roseburg.” Plaindealer (Roseburg) 12 August 1887 pg. 3, col. 3 (quoted fully under Omega Oakes listing in this book)
1887: “Photographs. I smile because I got satisfaction at Grave’s Gallery! Lightning Process and Latest Styles in Photos, Copying and Enlarging.” Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 23 December 1887 pg. 1 col. 7 (first insertion 23 December, tracked through 6 January 1888)
1891: “H. D Graves’ latest view of Roseburg is a beautiful picture and is as true to nature as photographic art can make it. Call at his gallery and take a look at it.” Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 25 July 1891 pg. 3 col. 2
1891: “Mr. and Mrs. H. D. Graves and Mr. I. Rice and family departed for Tioga last Sunday and are now enjoying themselves in the mountains in that vicinity.” Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 13 August 1891 pg. 3 col. 3
1891: “H. D. Graves will visit Oakland with his photographic apparatus, September 24th, 25th and 26th. Parties in that vicinity wanting first-class photos will find him at the gallery on the above dates.” plus again in 24 September issue appended “It should also be borne in mind that he will be absent from Roseburg on those days.” Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 10 September 1891 pg. 3 col. 4.
1902: Graves leases business to O. L. Lewis, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 12 June 1902 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1902: Lewis having trouble with his eyes, Graves working again in his Roseburg gallery, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 19 June 1902 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1903: Graves advertisement, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 1 January 1903 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1903: Graves sold his gallery to J. E. Olive of Santa Cruz, CA, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 23 July 1903 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1904: Graves leaves to Portland from Roseburg to reside permanently, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 14 March 1904 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1904: Graves returns to business in his Roseburg gallery, Plaindealer, (Roseburg) 16 May 1904 (cited by Glenn Mason)
1920: “EUGENE, Or., June 22. (Special) Mrs. Diana Graves, for 47 years a resident of western Oregon, died at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Josephine Smith, four miles west of Eugene, June 20, at the age of 93. The funeral will be held at Oakland, Or. Mrs. Graves is survived by five children as follows: Orville M. Graves, residing in Washington; Hubert D. Graves, of Roseburg; Mrs. Josephine Smith, of Eugene; Timothy L. Graves, of Eugene; Mrs. Myrta Mehl, of Bandon, sister; Mrs. T. M. Bailey, resides at Roseburg.”
Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 64, 74 (for People’s gallery)