Gregg, Herbert R. (Bay City)

Herbert R. Gregg (ca. 1869-1931) (Bay City)

Member of the International Photographic Association in April 1909. The photographer’s club exchanged prints and real photo postcards. He was then living in

Loomis, Wash. In November, 1909 he gave a change of address he was moving to Bay City, Or. from Loomis. The 1911 directory lists him as a photographer in Bay City. He also had a general merchandise store there as well. He renewed his membership in March 1911 from Bay City. In 1911 he was a student at the Illinois College of Photography (it is not known if this was a correspondance course or if her traveled there.) In 1913 the school published a brief account of his success. He was specializing in Pacific Coast landscape and seascape work and sold his prints all over the country. By March, 1916 he moved to Oroville, Washington. He lived there until he died on May 11, 1931, at age 62. Gregg made a number of identified real photo postcards of Oregon Coast subjects.