Grove, C. Elmore (Portland)

C. Elmore Grove (Portland)

Employee Listings
Fisher, Lucile, photographer for C. E. Grove 1910
Directory Listings
1903 PCD not listed
1904 PCD pg. 436 “Grove, C. Elmore, Residence Studio of Photographic Art 446 Washington res same” plus display ad quoted below.
1905 PCD pg. 482 Grove, C. Elmore, Residence Studio of Photographic Art 446 Washington Tel Main 339″
1906 PCD pg. 490 “Grove, C Elmore, Residence Studio of Photographic Art 446 Washington, Tel Main 339, res 424 Columbia”
1907 PCD pg. 599 “Grove, C Elmore, Residence Studio of Photographic Art, 362 Washington Tel Main 339 and A3823, res 424 Columbia”
1909 PCD pg. 636 “Grove, C Elmore, Studio of Photographic Art, 362 Washington Tels Main 339 and A3823, res 424 Columbia”
1910 Or. pg. 160 Portland Photographers “Grove, C Elmer(sic) 362 1/2 Washington St.”
1910 PCD pg. 484 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 362 Washington, h 32-165 King”
1911 PCD pg. 618 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 362 Washington, b Nortonia Hotel”
1912 PCD pg. 645 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 362 Washington h 49 Trinity pl”
1913 PCD pg. 532 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 351 1/2 Washington r Mallory Hotel”
1914 PCD pg. 655 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 839 Morgan bldg r Mallory Hotel”
1914 PCBD Photographers “Grove, C Elmore, Photographer, Morgan Bldg, Main 339”
1915 PCD pg. 533 “Grove, C Elmore photgr 839 Morgan bldg h Hotel Mallory”
1916 PCD pg. 539 “Grove, C Elmore (Estella), Photgr 839 Morgan Bldg, h 45-186 St Clair”
1917 PJD pg.76 Photographers “Grove, C. Elmore, 839 Morgan Bldg, Main 339”
1917 PCD pg. 486 “Grove, C Elmore (Estella), Photographer 839 Morgan Bldg, Tel Main 339, h 406-711 Glisan, Tel Marshall 3169”
1920 PCD pg. 596 “Grove, C Elmore, Photographic Studio of Photographic Art, 839 Morgan Bldg, Tel Main 339, h Hotel Mallory”
1921 PCD pg. 108 “Aune-Ball Inc (Successors to C Elmore Grove) Photographers 839 Morgan Bldg, Tel Main 339”; “Aune, Struck (Aune-Ball Inc) 839 Morgan bldg”; pg. 523 “Grove, C Elmore (Aune-Ball Successors) photgr 839 Morgan bldg”
1924-1925 PCD not listed
Photographer’s Imprints
“C. Elmore Grove, Portland, Ore.” signature on multiple print group portrait.
“A Portrait from C. Elmore Grove, Morgan Building, Portland, Ore.” printed on portrait folder, signed “Grove” in pencil on print.

News Items and Advertisements
1904: “C. Elmore Grove Residence Studio Of Photographic Art 446 Washington Street Portland Oregon. Art in Photography, Style and Individuality are Characteristics of our Work. Sittings by Engagement. Phone Main 339” Portland City Directory 1904, Portland; R. L. Polk & Co., 1904, pg. 1189
1904: Portrait of Portland Mayor Williams in honor of his 81st birthday credited: “Photo by C. Elmore Grove” Sunday Oregonian, March 27, 1904, pg. 23, cols. 2-4.
1907: “C. Elmore Grove, formerly at 446 Washington st., has opened his new studio at 362 Washington, corner Park.” Sunday Oregonian, July 14, 1907, pg. 9, col. 2.
1908: account of exhibition at Photographer’s Convention of the Pacific Northwest. photo reproduced “By C. Elmore Grove Portland Ore.” “Northwest Photographers Win Prizes and Close a Very Notable Session,” Oregonian, 23 August 1908, sec. 3, pg. 4.
1909: (classified ad) “FOR SALE: Leading studio of Portland, Ore., the best city in the Northwest; population has doubled in the past five years, now 250,000; studio is well located in business district, second floor, new building; well equipped; good light and high-class trade; cabinets $10.00 to $25.00 per dozen. Do not write unless you mean business. Address Photographer, 362 Washington St., Portland, Ore.” Camera Craft, Vol. XVI, No. 12, December 1909.
1913: “C. Elmore Grove, 351 1/2 Washington Street, Main 339, A 3823, Home Portraits, Studio of Photographic Art. We call and photograph you in your homes. After October 1st, will be located int he new Morgan Building” display ad in Polk’s Portland Blue Book 1913-1914, pg. 7.
1915: “… The beautiful studio of C. Elmore Grove, the Northwest’s famous photographer. 839 Morgan Bldg. Mr. Grove is the favorite photographer of the Portland fashionable set, and made the majority of the photos from which the portraits in this book were drawn.” (includes pen character study by J. E. Murphy of Grove operating camera in his studio.) Dana, Marshall M. and Murphy, J. E. : Mr. Tourist in Portland and Oregon, Portland 1915 (80 pg pamphlet) pg. 45.
Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Grove, C. E.—Portland, Ore…” … “Committees: … General Arrangement …C. Elmore Grove…”
Photographic Business and Professional Directory 1916 (Portland, 1916) pg. 30 “C. Elmore Grove, photographer, 839 Morgan Bldg.” (Includes portrait of Grove)