Gustin, Earl E. (Portland)

Earl E. Gustin (Portland)
Doubleday & Gustin
Sowell Studio
Simon-Sowell Studio
ca. 1902. The Dalles
1913 Pendleton
1914-1917 Portland
Directory Listings
1914-1915 PCD not listed
1916 PCD pg. 1128 “Sowell Studio, The, Earl E Gustin, Prop, We Go Anywhere, We do anything in the Photographers Line at the Lowest Prices, the only Studio Equipped for Smokeless Flashlights 420 1/2 Washington cor 11th, Tel Main 3242”; “Sowell, Etta (wid Franklin) h 775 Belmont”; pg. 544 “Gustin, Earl E propr The Sowell Studio r 420 1/2 Wash”
1917 PJD pg.76 Photographers “Sowell Studio, 420 1/2 Washington St. Main 3242 Rolls and packs developed free”
1917 PCD pg. 1079 “Sowell Studio The, Earl E Gustin Propr, Films and Packs Developed Free, Smokeless Flashlight, Open Evenings, Anything in Photography 420 1/2 Washington cor 11th, Tel Main 3242”; pg. 490 “Gustin, Earl E propr The Sowell Studio r 420 1/2 Wash”
1925 PCD pg. 1470 “Sowell Studio, Leo F Simon mgr, High Grade photographs at moderate prices, wholesale and retail Kodak Finishing 145 1/2 3d bet Alder & Morrison Tel Main 4007”
Photographer’s Imprints
“The Sowell Studio, 11th & Wash. Portland Ore.” blind stamp on portrait folder
“Sharkey’ Pendleton Round Up, Copyright 1913 Doubleday & Gustin” photo post card signed in negative
News Items and Advertisements
1909: Legal notice concerning bank accounts that have been inactive for seven years or more and where the location of the depositor is unknown. E. E. Gustin, last known address of The Dalles, has a 94 cent credit in the French & Co. bank. The Dalles Weekly Chronicle, 6 August 1909.
1912: “Many Homesteaders Make Final Proof… The following homesteaders have advertised to make final proof under the three year law: … The following desert land entrymen will also make their proof which is now being advertised … Earl E. Gustin of Stanfield, Ore. …”
East Oregonian (Pendleton), August 03, 1912, pg. 2, col. 3.
1917: “Sowell Studio, films and packs developed free, 12 Sepia photos, 1 enlargement, 3 $2.50, 420 1/2 Washington St, Phone Main 3242” Pantages Weekly, (Portland) 15 Oct 1917 vol. 12 no. 43.
1917: “The Sowell Studio. Films and Packs Developed Free. Smokeless Flashlights. 420 1/2 Washington St. Corner Eleventh. Tel. Main 3242. Open Evenings.” Polk’s Portland City Directory 1917, Portland; R. L. Polk & Co 1917 pg. 1475.