Harlow, Micajah B. (Pendleton)

Micajah B. Harlow (Pendleton)

McIntyre & Harlow (J. A. McIntire)
Pendleton Photo Co.

before 1891 Pendleton
1901-1907 Tekoa WA

Directory Listings
1901 POWA pg. 843 Tekoa WA “Harlow, Micajah B, photogr”
1903 POW pg. 895 Tekoa WA “Harlon (sic), Micajah B photogr”
1905 POW pg. 1142 Tekoa WA “Harlon, (sic) Michjah B, photgr”
1907 POW pg. 1338 Tekoa WA “Harlow Micajah B, Photographer, Souvenir Postals and Views, Pictures and Frames”
Mautz Oregon “Harlow, M. B., Pendleton”

Photographer’s Imprints
“Pendleton Photo Co. (successors to M. B. Harlow) cor Main and Alta Sts, Pendleton, Or” cabinet card “J. A. McIntire & Harlow, Photographers, Pendleton, Oregon.” printed front cabinet card

News Items and Advertisements
1892: “(Biography of C. S. Wheeler)… He then returned to Pendleton and after looking about for a time, bought the Pendleton Photo Studio of Mr. B. Harlow on Feb. 15, 1891…” East Oregonian, (Pendleton) 1 January 1892. (courtesy Richard Storch)