Hinthorne (Ashland)

News Items and Advertisements:
1913: New Studio, half page ad. Ashland tidings, October 23, 1913, pg. 5
1914: “Studio Ashland is Southern Oregon’s leading studio. Make it a point to have a modern photograph made during Chautauqua.” Ashland tidings, July 06, 1914, pg. 5, col. 2.

1914: “Ashland High School … Coach ‘Proc’ trotted his basketball hopes down to the Studio Ashland the other day and had them photographed …” Ashland tidings, February 23, 1914, pg. 6, col. 2.

1916: “Artistic in Photography. The Chief Requirement of a photograph is that it be a faithful likeness, but to lift that likeness from the humdrum plane of ordinary photography requires a knowledge of the artistic, and a modern equipment, above the average, such as we possess. With all this, our prices are most reasonable. Call TODAY
and see our samples. Studio Ashland. 201 E. Main Street.”