Pope, Oliver M. (Forest Grove, Hillsboro, Portland, The Dalles)

Pope’s Gallery Hillsboro
See Oliver M. Pope. The gallery was sold to Mrs. Winifred Gunton in 1911 and continued operations as Pope’s Gallery.

Pope, Oliver M. (1858-1928)
Pope & Hoffman
Crosley & Pope
Pope Studio
Pope’s Photo Gallery
1885 Forest Grove
1891 The Dalles
1900-1903 Forest Grove
Ilwaco WA??
1904-1911 Hillsboro
1912-1928 Portland
Pope’s many views and postcards, if not otherwise identified, can be attributed by the distinctive caption handwriting. Many of the views taken in Washington County and near Hillsboro around 1900 were photographed by Pope. A good sample is to be found in Culp’s Early Oregon Days on page 170.
Pope’s Hillsboro gallery was sold to Mrs. Winifred Gunton around 1911.
Directory Listings
1891 POWI pg. 594 The Dalles “Pope, Oliver M., photographer”
1901 POWA pg. 173 Forest Grove “Pope & Hoffman (Oliver M Pope, Nettie Hoffman) photographers” (also a Hoffman, John N, attorney)
1903 POW pg. 207 Hillsboro “Pope, Oliver M, photographer”
1905 POW pg. 238 Hillsboro “Pope, O M photographer”
1907 POW pg. 241 Hillsboro “Pope, O M photographer”
1909 POW pg. 185 Hillsboro “Pope, O M photographer”
1910 PCD Not listed
1911 POW pg. 175 Hillsboro “Pope, Oliver M (Pope & Enne) contr”, Pope & Ennes (O M Pope, Louis Ennes) real estate”
1911 PCD not listed
1913 PCD pg. 982 “Pope, Oliver M photgr h 1108 E Market”
1913 PCD pg. 982 “Pope, Oliver M photgr 287 E 36th h 1108 E Market”
1914 PCD pg. 1154 “Pope, Oliver M (Pernilla N) photgr 1072 Hawthorne av h 1074 same”
1915 PCD pg. 970 “Pope, Oliver M (Pernilla) photgr 1072 Hawthorne av h 1074 same”
1916 PCD pg. 977 “Pope, Oliver M (Pernilla) photgr 1072 Hawthorne av h 1074 same”
1917 PCD pg. 926 “Pope, Oliver M (Pernilla) photgr 1072 Hawthorne av h 1074 same”
1925 PCD pg. 1273 “Pope, Oliver M (Permilla) photog 1072 Hawthorne, h 261 E 36th”
Official Records
1900 Federal Census. Oliver Pope, Photographer, age 41, born September 1858 in Missouri. Permilla Pope (wife) age 29, born November 1870 in Sweden. Children: Arthur, age 4; Rex, age 2. Residence located in Forest Grove, block 29, bounded by Pacific Ave., Nineteenth Ave., Birch St., and Cedar St., no specific house address given. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
Photographer’s Imprints
“Officials Oregon Electric Ry Co. First Car to Hillsboro. Or. Sept 30. 08 Pope Photo” signed in negative, 8×10 print. (reproduced in Culp, Edwin, Early Oregon Days, (Caldwell; Caxton, 1985) pg. 170, and this is the easiest way to see what Pope’s handwriting looked like) (OHS #38974)
“Pope Studio, Hillsboro, Or.” blind stamp on mount, 5×7 print (WCM #LP72-40/35-16)
“July 4, 1907 Pope Photo” signed in negative, 8×10 print on mount (WCM #LP72-141/138-16)
“Pope & Bennett, Hillsboro, Or.” ms signature on mount, school band view, trimmed 8×10 print on mount (WCM #LP72-151/148-16)
“On the A. C. Hare Place, No. 2, 3/4 mile from Hillsboro, Or. May 28th 1904. E.H. Rotermund, manager. Pope Photo” captioned and signed in negative, with characteristic Pope handwriting. 8×10 print on mount (WCM #LP72-102/99-6)
“Pope & Morgan, Hillsboro, Ore.” ms signature on mount. (WCM #LP91-25.7.1/16.365)
“Pope Photo, Hillsboro Public School Room, May 1st 1902” ms signature and caption on front, 6×8 print on mount (WCM #LP 72-1273/1335-131)
“Mrs. Mary Ramsey Wood. 120 years old. May 20th 1907. Pope Photo July 14th 1907. Hillsboro, Or.” signed in negative. (WCM #LP 72-1517/1537
“Baker’s Bay from Cannery Hill, Pope Viw (sic) Ilwaco Wash.” signed in negative, 2- 8″ x 10″ prints mounted horizontally as a panoramic pair (OHS)
“O. M. Pope, View Series, Portland, Oregon.” printed front of mount, 4 1/2 x 8 print of farm scene.
“Crosley & Pope, Photo” printed front, cabinet card (WCM #LP91-26.1/16371)
real photo postcards, captioned in negative in Pope’s handwriting “Cornelius Looking South”, “Main Street Looking West, Cornelius Ore” plus one captioned in Pope’s handwriting in ms on card face, white ink “Oregon Electric, Cornelius, Or.”
“Pope, 1072 Hawthorne Ave, Portland Or” blind stamp on mount, 8×10 print of home ms date summer 1923
News Items and Advertisements
1891: “Views of the Ruins. – O. M. Pope, the photographer, has secured a number of excellent views of the burnt district taken from different points of observation. Any one desiring these mementos of the great fire can find them for sale at the Columbia Candy factory.” (18 blocks had burned the preceding week – ed) Wasco County Sun, (The Dalles) 9 September 1891, pg. 3, col. 3.
1900: “Mr. O. M. Pope, the photographer from Portland, who has taken a half interest in the photographic work with Mrs. Nettie Hoffman, informs us they are now prepared, in their new quarters, and under the title of the Pacific Photo Co., to do all kinds of copying and enlarging, can compete with Eastern houses, and are here to see that you get entire satisfaction with all orders you may trust with them. Portraits, views and everything in thier line solicited. It is to your interest to call ad see their work and prices before getting work done elsewhere.” Forest Grove Times, 19 April 1900. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1901: “PHOTOS PHOTOGRAPHS PICTURES POPE’S STUDIO Over the Bazar Store by the Post Office. Give me a trial order and you will know in the future where to get your work done. First Class Work Guaranteed. Up Stairs by P. O., O. M. Pope.” Index, (Forest Grove, Pacific Universtiy periodical) January 1901. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1901: “For pictures go to Pope’s Gallery upstairs by the PO. No cheap work done, but will meet all competition in price. Remember the place. Pope’s Gallery upstairs by the PO.” Forest Grove Times, 2 May 1901. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1901: “Go to Pope the old reliable, for your pictdures. Will make you view work on short notice or any thing you want in the picture line.” Forest Grove Times, 2 May 1901. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1901: “Photos. Photographs. Pictures. Students get reliable, first class work done at the Studio of successors to O. M. Pope, Watkins Bros.” Index, Pacific Univ., 15, October, 1901, Vol. 1, No. 1, pg. 3 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1902: “O. M. POPE, the Photographer, For all kinds of Portraits, Copying, Enlarging, Kodak Finishing and Scenic Pictures, call and see me. Students’ work a specialty. Call and see me. POPE’S GALLERY Up Stairs, By Post Office. Forest Grove, Oregon. I furnished the pictures in this Annual.” Heart Of Oak, (Forest Grove, Pacific University yearbook) 1902. includes portrait, which is probably a self portrait of Pope. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1902: “Pope, the photographer, Second Street, at the Hoyt Gallery, is turning out some fine work these days. If you want photos with the proper expression, and on popular mounts, give him a call. He will guarantee his work and his prices are right.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 20 March 1902 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1903: “For fine photos, snapshots, enlarging and all kinds of scenic work call on Pope & Morgan, Hillsboro, Oregon.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 29 October – 12 November 1903. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1903: “Pope the photographer has sold half interest in photo business to S. G. Morgan a practical business man. For everything in picture line give them a call. All work will be promptly finished and satisfaction guaranteed.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 29 October 1903. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1903: “Pope & Morgan’s Photograph Gallery caught fire in the roof last Friday afternoon, about one o’clock and gave the department a run. The hose was soon turned on and the blaze extinguished with about three dollars worth of damage. The Gallery is situated within a few feet of the Argus office and there was some mighty quick work done to get the fire under control.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 5 November 1903. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1903: “The Best photo’s are the cheapest. Call on Pope & Morgan, Photographers, Hillsboro, Oregon.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 12 November 1903. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1904: “The Best are the Cheapest. Get your Photos at Pope’s, the permanently located gallery, Call and see the Work.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 30 June 1904. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1905: “To every new subscriber to the Argus, or every subscriber who will pay one year ahead, The Argus will give one cabinet photograph, made by the Pope Gallery. Mr. Pope has a state reputation for good art, and he guarantees to turn out a nice piece of work. Here is a chance for you — a picture as a premium. Mr. Pope’s work recommends itself, and as an artist he has few equals. All you have to do is to pay a year ahead, take your receipt, go to the Gallery, and Mr. Pope will honor it with a sitting and one cabinet photo. Here is a chance for you to send a paper east, along with a picture. This offer holds good until March 18 but you must take your setting by April 1.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 2 February 1905 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1905: “I can make you frames and enlarged work cheaper than ever made in Hillsboro before. Call and see Pope the Photographer.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 25 February 1905. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1908: obiturary for Dr. James V. Pope, father of O. M. Pope. He was a civil war veteran, and had lived in the area of Portland and Forest Grove for the previous 24 years. Argus, (Hillsboro) 6 August 1908. (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1909: “New Photo Gallery at Cornelius. Pope, the Hillsboro Photographer, has opened up a branch gallery at Cornelius, in connection with his Hillsboro Studio. All the finishing will be done by a first class, experienced, professional photographer, Mr. J. E. Johnson, who has charge of the Hillsboro Studio. Mr. Pope will be at Cornelius in person, each week, Thursdays, Fridays, and Saturdays, 2 to 5 p m. All kinds of view and scenic work done on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays; also enlarging to any size. All work strictly first-class, or money refunded.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 25 March 1909 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1909: “If you want photos that are pictures such as you would like to send to Eastern Relatives, or hang in your best room, go to the Hillsboro Studio. In the finishing process, harsh lines and deep wrinkles will be softened or subdued, freckles, scars and pimples removed, cross-eyes and crooked noses straightened, blind eyes restored, old people made to look younger, and young people handsomest, without destroying the character of the face.” Argus, (Hillsboro) 15 April 1909 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1911: “Pope Photo Gallery. Mrs. Winifred Gunton, 2nd. St., Hillsboro, Oregon. Bring your Kodak work today, you can get it tomorrow.” Forest Grove Press, 30 November 1911 (courtesy Eric Stewart)
1928: “Oliver M. Pope. Oliver Manford Pope, one of the pioneer photographers of the Pacific coast, died at the family home, 261 East Thirty-sixth street, on July 17 of heart disease.
He was born in Cash county, Missouri, on September 11, 1858, and had been a resident of Oregon since 1884. His parents were the late Dr. James V. Pope and Mrs. Laurette J. Sisk Pope of Forest Grove.
Mr. Pope was married November 7, 1893, to Miss Pernilla Nord, whom he leaves, with a daughter, E. Lauretta, and a son, Theodore V. Pope. He is also survived by a sister, Ida L. Pope.
He joined the Masonic lodge at Forest Grove in 1885. At that time he decided upon a photographic career, and for the last 43 years has been engaged in this work.” Oregonian 22 July 1928, sec. 2. pg. 3.
Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 74