Sheelor, F. W. (Portland)

F. W. Sheelor (Portland)

1913: “Portland Man Lays Claim To World’s Largest Camera. F. W. Sheelor, With His Box. What is said to be the largest panoramic photograph that has been made showing the City of Portland, has just been completed by F. W. Sheelor, camera operator. The photograph measures 25 inches in width, is 12 feet long, and was made all on one negative. The capacity of the machine enables photographs to be taken 25 inches wide and of any length up to 86 feet. The designer of the camera was Mr. Sheelor himself and it took him more than a year to assemble the parts, work out the plans and successfully put the parts together. All were made specially to his order, about half of them in Europe. It is operated entirely by electricity, which is inclosed in the camera, which was constructed in Tonopah, Nev., at a cost of over $2000. The lens was made to order in Germany. When all complete and set up ready for use the camera weighs 250 pounds and requires three men to operate It. The photograph recently made of Portland with this camera was made from the roof of F. H. McClure’s house, on Portland Heights, and the photograph shows how the camera looks when set up, also its relative size.” Sunday Oregonian, November 23, 1913, sec. 1, pg. 15, col. 2.