Stone, C. B. (Dallas)

Stone, C. B.
1913-1915 Dallas
Directory Listings
1913 POW pg. 1950 photographers “Stone, C. B., Dallas O”
1915 POW pg. 1490 photographers “Stone, C. B., Dallas O”

News Items and Advertisements:
1912: “A FEW REASONS Why You Should Let Me Do Your Portrait Work. FIRST — I will agree to duplicate the work of any City Photographer, or it will cost you nothing. I have woi ued with the best men on the Coast and have equipment equal to any of them. SECOND — Handier for YOU — Dress in your own home. THIRD — A Resitting is easy in case you are not pleased. FOURTH — My prices are considerably lower. FIFTH — And this is not important. You are patronizing a man who spends what little money he makes in your town. Stone, Photographer, Dallas. The Photographer in your Town.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth, Polk County, Or.) 1888-1927, November 22, 1912, pg, 6, col. 5.
1913: “It is a strange fact that the most appreciated Christmas gift is the cheapest. Think of getting 12 fine presents for $5 or even less and having it over at once. But to be sure of getting them, order right away as I will have more work than I can do this winter. C. B. Stone, Photographer, phone 524.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), November 14, 1913, pg. 4, col. 1.
1915: “The Photograph, as a Christmas gift, stands supreme. It is aways appreciated; always cared for, and best of all, carries no obligation. Order Christmas Photographs At Once. The more time, the better work. C. B. Stone The photographer in your town” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), November 26, 1915, pg. 4, col. 5-6.

1916: “C. B. Stone, photographer of Dallas, has been chosen councilman in that city to succeed W. L. Barber, resigned.” The Monmouth herald, May 19, 1916, pg. 8, col. 2.