Alvord, Charles A. (Portland, McMinnville)

Charles A. Alvord (Portland, McMinnville)

Alvord operated a string of portrait studios, mostly in downtown Portland. He did not advertise, instead he relied on high foot-traffic locations to bring walk-ins. Alvord frequently changed locations, and by 1915 he had moved at least 15 times in just over 20 years. He moved one last time to 167 1/2 First street, which is the same location that he started out in 22 years earlier. After being a photographer for 26 years, in 1919 he got a job as a mechanic, and then became a clerk at the YMCA for the duration of his working career.

1893-1894 167 1/2 1st

1894-1895 281 1/2 1st (corner of Jefferson)

1895-1896 McMinnville

1896-1897 189 Madison (probably on the wharf)

1897-1898 183 Madison (probably on the wharf) Alvord & Sherwood

1898-1899 185 1/2 Morrison (at entrance to bridge)

1899-1900 252 Washington (between 2nd and 3rd.)

1900-1904 203 1/2 1st (between Taylor and Salmon)

1904-1905 employed by Kiser (q.v.)

1905-1906 real estate agent

1907-1908 unknown

1908-1910 Kern Park

1911-1913 unknown

1913-1915 201 1/2 1st

1915-1918 167 1/2 1st

unknown 225 1st (between Salmon and Main) Alvord & Brown

Around 1904, Alvord worked for Fred Kiser (q.v.), a photographer who was the official photographer for the Lewis & Clark Fair. In 1905, after the exposition was over, Alvord tried his hand at selling real estate but soon went back to photography.