Carter, Herbert S. (Astoria, Salem)

Herbert S. Carter

Trover-Carter Studio

Carter’s Portrait Studio


1908 Astoria

1910 Salem

1911 Astoria

1912-1917 Salem

Directory Listings

1910 Or pg. 292 Salem Photographers “Trver-Carter (sic) Studio, 442 State St.”

1911 POW pg. 64 Astoria “Carter, H S photographer”

1911 Salem pg. 75 “Carter, Herbert S. (Trover-Carter Studio) res 687 Marion”

1913 Salem pg. 68 “Carter, Herbert S., (Ruth F) photgr, res ss D 1 e Park av”

Mautz Oregon “Carter, J. L., Salem”, “Carter’s Portrait Studio, 1900, Astoria”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Carter, Salem Ore” printed inside of print folder.

News Items and Advertisements

1908: “Eighth Annual Convention of the Photographers Association of the Pacific Northwest… was called to order Tuesday, April 18th, at 2 p. m. … The awards were made as follows: … Salon awards (to) Herbert C. Carter, of Astoria…” Camera Craft, Vol. XV, No. 10, October, 1908. pg. 377-384

1908: (classified ad) “FOR SALE Best located studio in city of 20,000, cheap. Everything new, and doing good business. Must be sold at once. H. S. Carter, Astoria, Ore.” Camera Craft, Vol. XV, No. 12, December 1908.

1915: “Mrs. Maud B. Cox has purchased from H. S. Carter the photographic business known as the Bullock Studio. Mrs. Cox is well known in this city. She formerly conducted a studio at Klamath Falls.” Daily capital journal. (Salem), April 26, 1915, pg. 8, col. 5.

1917: “H. S. Carter of Salem is again in San Francisco after spending six months in Pomona.” Camera Craft, Vol. XXIV No. 7, July 1917, pg. 309.