American View Co. (Portland, Sumpter)

American View Co. (Portland, Sumpter)

There are two unidentified studios using this name. One did view work in Portland shortly before 1903 with a 5 x 7” camera and rubber stamped their mounts “American View Co., Duplicates can be had at 43 1/2 Third St., Room 16.”

Another photographer used the same name in Sumpter, rubber stamping their portraits “American View Co, 33 North St. Sumpter Or.” One example is dated Oct. 1900. This could be James L. Abrams (q.v.) or J. W. Cowden (q.v.) who were active in Sumpter about the same time.

Some Portland photographs are stamped “American View Co., 53 S. Main St., Anderson, Ind.” (Indiana) Other photographers using the name are known to have operated in Wisconsin, California and Dakota. The relationships, if any, are not known.