Dorris, Sue, Miss (Eugene)

Miss Sue Dorris (Eugene)
Dorris Art Gallery

Employee Listings
Erdman, Elizabeth. photographer 1910

Directory Listings
1891 POWI pg. 254 Eugene “Winter Photo Co. (Clarence L. Winter, Sue Dorris), photographers”
1901 POWA pg. 167 Eugene “Dorris Art Gallery, Miss S Dorris propr Willamette bet 9th and 10th”
1903 POW pg. 178 Eugene “Dorris Art Gallery, Miss Sue Dorris propr 626 Willamette”
1905 POW pg. 205 Eugene “Dorris Art Gallery, Sue Dorris propr 626 Willamette”
1907 POW pg. 204 Eugene “Dorris, Sue, photgr” (also listed is George B, lawyer)
1909 POW pg. 148 Eugene “Dorris, Sue photographer”
1910 Lane pg. 77 Eugene “Dorris, Sue, photgr, 5 Cherry Block, res 322 Pearl”
1910 Or pg. 277 Eugene “Dorris, Miss, 5 Cherry Bldg”
1911 POW pg. 138 Eugene “Dorris, Sue photographer”
1913 POW pg. 1950 photographers “Dorris, Sue, Eugene O”
1915 POW pg. 177 Eugene “Dorris, Miss photographer, 623 Willamette”
1917 POW pg. 157 Eugene “Dorris Photo Shop (Sue Dorris) Suite 5-6-7-8 Cherry Building, 623 Willamette, Tel 741”

Photographer’s Imprints
“Dorris, Eugene, Or.” blind stamp on mounted portrait

News Items and Advertisements

1878: “Roll of Honor. The following names are those whose average is 90 per cent, or over, for the month of November, in the Intermediate department of the Eugene City Public School. …Sue Dorris…” Eugene City Guard, 7 December 1878 pg. 3 col. 3.

1890: “The Senior class are rejoicing to have Miss Sue Dorris with them again” (Sue Dorris is an Oregon State University senior) The Eugene City guard, June 21, 1890, pg. 11, col. 7.

1897: (account of art exhibit at the Congregational church) “The display of the Dorris Art Gallery is another popular corner. Miss Dorris has a number of clever studies in photographic art that are admirable” The Eugene City guard, November 13, 1897, Image 4, col. 3.

1904: “White Salmon Notes. Miss Sue Dorris of Eugene is visiting S. W. Condon and family. Miss Dorris is Mrs. Condon’s sister.” Hood River glacier, February 25, 1904, pg. 4, col. 3.

1905: (photograph illustrated) “Hilda – A Convention Picture by Sue Dorris, Eugene, Ore.” Camera Craft, Vol. XI, No. 5, November 1905, frontpiece.

1915: B. F. DORRIS, 86, DIES. Heart Disease Fatal While Pioneer Sits at Desk. MANY POSTS ARE HELD. Residence in Oregon Dates to i848 and Membership in Oddfellows Held for 65 Years Two Sons and Six Daughters Survive. EUGENE. Or., Nov. (Special.) Benjamin F. Dorris, 86 years old, died unexpectedly today in his office. The janitor observed him sitting at his
desk, head slightly forward, and half an hour later he had not moved. Heart
disease caused death, which came as he had often expressed a wish that it would come. He left home this morning in apparent good health. He had been twice Mayor of Eugene, president of the City Council for several years and 22 years City Recorder.
He had been a member ot the University of Oregon board of regents from 1873 to 1882, and a member of the executive committee for six years. He is said to be the oldest member of the Oddfellows’ lodge in Oregon, from a standpoint of continuous membership, having been 65 years in its ranks, and for many years he had been its secretary in Eugene. He was a pioneer of the 1848 class, and had resided in Eugene for nearly 50 years. He was born in Nashville, Tenn., December 18, 1829. When 19 years old he moved to California, visiting different cities in that state. He later settled in Crescent City, where he married
Miss Cecile Pellet in 1866. Two years after he was married he came to Eugene. His brother, George B. Dorris, was then a resident of Eugene. Mr. Dorris is survived by one brother, George B. Dorris, of Eugene; two sons, George A. Dorris, of Springfield, and Edward P. Dorris, of Eugene; six daughters, Mrs. H.L. Boardman, of Walla Walla. Wash.: Mrs. S. W. Condon, of Pasadena, Cal.; Mrs. E. H. McAllister, of Eugene; Mrs. Allen Eaton and Miss Sue Dorris, of Eugene, and Mrs. W. G. Nash, of Bozeman, Mont.” Morning Oregonian, November 12, 1915, pg. 7, col. 2.

1916: “Vocations to be Topic. Oregon University Women Will Gather in Big Conference.” Miss Sue Dorris will deliver a program on photography as a career for women on Saturday morning, April 22, 1916. Morning Oregonian, April 20, 1916, pg. 4, col. 4.


Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Dorris, Sue—Eugene, Ore…”, photo reproduced, fine art portrait. captioned “M-O-R-N-I-N’ Sue Dorris, Eugene” … “Committees:… Reception: The Executive Officers of the Association assisted by… Miss Sue Dorris…”

Goodman, Theodosia, “Early Oregon Daguerreotypers and Portrait Photographers”, Oregon Historical Quarterly, (Portland; Oregon Historical Society) Vol. 49 No. 1 March, 1948 pg. 48