Catterlin, William H. (Salem, Portland)

William H. Catterlin

Catterlin & Rogers


1872 itinerant Oregon?

1873-1876 Salem

1894-1911 Portland

Employee Listings

Milarch, Alfred E., photographer 1910

Directory Listings

1873 Or pg. 274 Salem “Catterlin, W H photographer”

1894 PCD pg. 166 “Catterlin, W H photographer 166 5th, res same”

1895 – 1897 PCD not listed

1898 PCD pg. 207 “Catterlin, W H photographer 166 5th, res same”

1899 EO & P not listed

1899 PCD pg. 214 “Catterlin, W H photographer, 89 1/2 4th, res same”

1900 PCD not listed

1901 PCD pg. 197 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog, 89 1/2 4th, res same”

1902 PCD pg. 251 “Catterlin, W H photog 89 1/2 4th, res same”

1903 PCD pg. 245 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog 89 1/2 4th, res same”

1904 PCD pg. 273 “Catterlin, Wm H. photgr 89 1/2 4th res same”

1905 PCD pg. 286 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog, 89 1/2 4th, res same”

1906 PCD pg. 287 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog 89 4th, rms same”

1907 PCD pg. 369 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog 89 4th, rms same”

1909 PCD pg. 384 “Catterlin, Wm H, photog 89 4th, res same”

1910 Or. pg. 160 Portland Photographers “Catterlin, W. H. 89 4th St.”

1910 PCD pg. 267 “Catterlin, Wm H. photgr, 89 4th, res same”

1911 PCD pg. 331 “Catterlin, Wm H photgr 89 4th r same”

1912 PCD not listed

Mautz Oregon “Catterlin, W. H., 1875, Salem & Eugene”

Photographer’s Imprints

“W. H. Catterlin, Artist, Oregon” CDV rubber stamp on back (tr) (Brown reports one with ms date 1872.)

“Catterlin, 89 1/2 Fourth St., Portland Ore.” cabinet card imprinted front. tr

“Copyright by Catterlin 89 1/2 4th” signed in negative on cabinet portrait. tr

News Items and Advertisements

1874: “The Photograph gallery on State street is now run by Catterlin and Rogers. The pictures they are turning out are neat and artistic.” Salem Daily Record, 24 April 1874 pg. 3 col. 3 (note the previous day contains a notice that George Ellige is moving to Pendleton to open a photographic studio)

1876: “From Mr. Catterlin, brother of the photograph artist of this city, who arrived here yesterday from Tillamook, we have the following strange and horrible story…” (relates death-bed confession of a robber and murderer) The Weekly Mercury, (Salem) 26 May 1876 Pg. 4 col. 2. (this refers to F. J. Catterlin relating the story and W. H. Catterlin being the photographer)


Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 56.

Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Catterlin, W. H.—Portland, Ore…”