Eaton, J. M. (Dallas)

J. M. Eaton (Dallas)
1910- 1913 Dallas
Directory Listings
1913 POW pg. 1950 photographers “Eaton, J. M., Dallas O”
News Items and Advertisements:
1910: “Mr. Eaton, the photographer, moved with his family to Dallas, where they will reside this Winter.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), September 30, 1910, pg. 1, col. 5.
1910: “New Photographer. Portraits, views, postcards, copying and enlarging. Eaton the Photographer, Burns Building, Dallas, Oregon.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), October 11, 1910, pg. 2, col. 4. repeated to Oct. 25.
1911: “Willie Eaton, the 6-year-old son of the photographer, suffered the fracture of the left arm above the elbow last Monday evening, as the result of a fall from the top of a fence while engaged in play. Dr. H. B. McCallon was called and set the break.” Polk County observer. (Monmouth), June 30, 1911, pg. 2, col. 1.