Clark, L. Wilson (Albany)

L. Wilson Clark (Albany)

Fritz & Clark


1881-1887 Olympia

1883 Albany

1887-1889 Albany

Directory Listings

1884 POWI pg. 471 Olympia Wa “Clark, L Wilson, photographer”

1886 POWI pg. 554 Olympia WA “Clark, L Wilson photographer”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Clark, Olympia” CDV printed front, identical typeface to Forest Grove item (OHS 113-1 Blackler)

News Items and Advertisements

1881: “A. B. Woodard, the Olympia photographer, has sold his business in that line to L. W. Clark, formerly in his employ.” The Daily Intelligencer, (Seattle, WA) 28 June 1881, pg. 3, col. 1 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1883 (published 1887): “Four years ago the M. A. T. collated a list of young men of Albany of marriageable ages… L. W. Clark, photographer; …” The State rights democrat, (Albany), December 30, 1887, pg. 3, col. 1.

1887: “L. W. Clark, Portrait Photographer. Sittings by appointment. Copying and Enlarging. Tweelale’s Building. Albany, Oregon.” The State rights democrat (Albany), December 09, 1887, pg. 1, col. 8.

1888: “The old buildings, corner of Ferry and Second streets are being moved, preparatory to the construction of a block by photographer Clark.” The State rights democrat (Albany), January 13, 1888, pg. 3, col. 5.

1889: “Crawford & Paxton, The Leading PHOTOGRAPHERS ALBANY, OREGON. We have bought all the negatives made by L. W. Clark and Greenwood (ed. note- these were two separate photographers, Clark did not have a partnership with William H. Greenwood) up to date (Nov 15, 1889). Duplicates can be had from them only of us, at reduced rates…” Morning Daily Herald (Albany) 10 Jan 1890 pg.3 col 5-6.

1888: (ad)”L.W. Clark Portrait Photographer Studio Corner Second and Ferry Streets New Opera House Ground Floor Children’s Pictures a Specialty.” Albany States-Rights Democrat(Albany OR) 03 August – 17 August 1888.


State Capitol Museum, Notes on Olympia Photographers, np. nd. “L. Wilson Clark–listed as having a photo studio at the corner of 4th and Main (Capitol Way) but resident at Albany, Oregon. (1887 Puget Sound Directory) that same year, Adelbert D. Rogers is listed as manager of L. W. Clark, with his residence at corner of 9th and Washington.

By 1888, Rogers is listed as photographer, west side of Main, at 4th. Clark is not listed, so we might assume this was about the time Rogers took over the photo studio.

Mrs. Ray Rogers, his daughter-in-law is still living and a member of the museum. She has given us some biographical material on A. D Rogers (a Civil War veteran who escaped from Libby Prison) not positive when he came west. In 1890 Rogers had a partner, D. C. Moore.” (courtesy Michael Cirelli)