Donnerberg, Fred W. (Hood River, Portland)

Fred W. Donnerberg (Hood River, Portland)

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1913 Polk’s Portland Blue Book pg. 60, membership roster of the Oregon Camera Club “Donnerberg, F. W.”

News Items and Advertisements

1917: “Mr. and Mrs. Fred W. Donnerberg are now residing in Bremerton, Wash., where Mr. Donnerberg is engaged in special electrical work in the navy yards.” Hood River glacier. (Hood River, Or.) 1889-1933, November 08, 1917, pg. 7, col.3

1919: Photo of Donnerberg captioned: “Fred W. Donnerberg, former Jimmylegs (master-at-arms) in navy, where he made reluctant sailors ‘hit the deck!’ at reveille, now chases hurry calls for the Gas company on Excelsior motorcycle.” (Article further states he is working for the Portland Gas & Coke company) Sunday Oregonian, August 03, 1919, sec. 5, pg. 8 (electronic version pg. 80)

1920: “Donnerberg To Enter Book Store. Fred W. Donnerberg, who has been residing in Portland since his discharge from the Navy, will come at once to make his home here having last Saturday purchased the stock of A. Canfield in the Slocom & Canfield Co. Mr. Donnerberg is a skilled amateur photographer. He has become actively associated in the business. On April 1, Mr. Canfield will retire to devote his entire time to his orchard. Mr. Donnerberg is well known in Hood River, having visited here frequently. He is the son in law of Mr. and Mrs. C. Dethman.” Hood River glacier (Hood River) March 18, 1920, pg. 4, col. 3.

1920: (article about new road being build on Mt. Hood from Hood River to Lost Lake.) “… Fred W. Donnerberg, Hood River photographer, recently penetrated to the lake on a motorcycle with side car and took pictures of the new roadway. …” Includes six photos credited to Donnerberg: “Confluence of Lake Branch and West Fork of Hood River; On the Excelsior (motorcycle) Near the end of Construction Work on the Lost Lake Road; Character of Country crossed by Forestry Section of Highway; Jake Lent’s Crew Cutting Road Through Forest; At the Entrance to the National Forest; Mt. Hood From Lost Lake. Photos by Fred. W. Donnerberg, Hood River” Morning Oregonian, September 5, 1920, section 6, pg. 1, whole page.

1921: “Donnerberg’s Father Accident Victim. August Donnerberg, father of Fred W. Donnerberg, was killed on Monday afternoon in an automobile accident on the Columbia River Highway eight miles east of Astoria. Mr. Donnerber’s mother sustained severe bruises and a broken shoulder …” (other 3 occupants killed, steering gear defect blamed.) The Hood River glacier, March 31, 1921, pg. 2, col. 3.

1921: “Donnerberg Legion Photographer. Fred W. Donnerberg will accompany the Legion mountain climbing party as their official photographer. Thus, those who don’t take their kodaks will be able to keep a picture record of their trip. Tuesday, Mr. Donnerberg took a picture of the Tuesday Lunch Club party at the Columbia Gorge Hotel.” The Hood River glacier, July 28, 1921, pg. 9, col. 3.

1921: photos published, credited to “Slocum & Donnerberg” of a Mt. Hood Climb to the summit by a large group including Oregon Governor Olcott published. The climb was sponsored by the American Legion in Hood River. Fred W. Donnerberg is named as the official photographer. Sunday Oregonian, August 07, 1921, sec. 2, pg. 20, cols. 1-3. (electronic pg. 38)

1921: “Interesting Photo of Upper Highway and River, Taken Above Hood River Last Week. Those who have made the drive east of Hood River since the paving has been completed there will remember the series of loops immediately beyond the city after crossing the Hood River bridge. The loops climb the the to the farming and orchard lands on the east side of the valley. The above photo shows the loops as they appear from an airplane. The road at the right is one of the two main roads up the Hood River valley. The photo was taken by Fred W. Donnerberg, photographer of Hood River, from an airplane driven by Captain Yere, former aviator of the British army, who recently started an airplane passenger service at Hood River.” Sunday Oregonian, September 18, 1921, section 6, pg. 2, cols. 2-4.

1921: “Horse Carrier Will Go. Boys to be Used for Delivering The Oregonian at Hood River. Fred W. Donnerberg, manager of the book and news concern handling the local circulation of the metropolis daily, has announced that the time-honored custom of delivering The Oregonian by a horse-drawn cart will be discontinued…” Morning Oregonian, October 15, 1921, pg. 14, col. 7

1922: “Lost Lake Is Frozen Over. Fred W. Donnerberg and Stanley C. Walters, who Sunday visited Lost Lake, found the body of water still frozen over, three feet of snow resting on the ice. The snow on the divide between the Stone place and the lake was seven feet deep. Mr. Donnerberg secured some excellent new pictures of the lake.” Hood River glacier, May 18, 1922, pg. 2, col. 2.

1922: “Snow Reported Melting. Hood River, Or., June 20. Fred W. Donnerberg, official photographer of the Hood River American Legion post, back from a reconnoitering ascent of Mount Hood in preparation for the post’s annual climb of the peak July 16, reported that the snow banks of the high altitudes are melting fast. Mr. Donnerberg, accompanied by Orvle Thompson, Upper Valley legionnaire, was guided to the top of the peak by Mark Weygandt, official guide for the legion post. The party camped just below the location of the legions’s base camp, where two feet of snow still covers the forest floor.” Morning Oregonian) – June 21, 1922, pg. 12, col. 1., and Morning Oregonian, June 21, 1922, pg. 12, col. 1.

1910: Catalogue of print exhibition, F. Donnerbereg has four prints listed “25 – A Study – Head; 26 – A Profile Study; 27 – Portrait; 28 – A Western Girl” Oregon Camera Club, 15th Annual Print Exhibit, April 11th to 16th 1910., np, nd, 1910, pg. 5.