Clifford, Clarence E. (Albany)

Clarence E. Clifford (Albany)


1915-1931 Albany

Directory Listings

1915 POW pg. 1490 photographers “Clifford, C. E., Albany O”

1917 POW pg. 1533 photographers “Clifford, C. E., Albany O”

1925 POW pg. 170 Albany “Clifford, Clarence E photog 333 W 1st”

1931 Albany Phone Directory “Clifford, C. E., r 705 W 10th, 341-J; Clifford Studio, 338 W 1st, 458-R”

1946 Albany pg. 36 “Clifford, C. E. (Ruth) prop Clifford’s Studio (off 331 W 1) 705 W 10th ph 341-J”, “Clifford’s Studio, Clifford C E prop 333 W 1 ph 458-R”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Clifford, Albany, Oregon” King

News Items and Advertisements

1913: “C. E. Clifford, of Albany, Oregon, has added a Seavey Arrastry Ground to his already well appointed studio” Camera Craft, Vol. XX, No. 11, November 1913 pg. 545.

1916: “Clifford, The Photographer in Your Town” Albany High School Yearbook, June 1916