Bushnell, J. C. (Eugene)

Manager of Winter gallery.

1898: “TALK COST $2,000. C. A. Bushnell Recovers That Amount For Slander. Former Eugeneites. The Portland Telegram of July 19 says “C A Bushnell, the itinerant photographer, who sued A K Jones, a merchant of Union, and J F Phy, sheriff of Union county, for $20,000, based upon claims of malicious prosecution, was this morning awarded $2,000 damages by the jury that has been sitting on the case in the United States circuit court since last Saturday.
“As the verdict appeared to be entirely satisfactory to the plaintiff, he at once requested a judgment upon the findings of the jury, which was granted.
“Council for the defense, however, demurred, and asked for ten days’ time in which to file a motion for a new trial. This motion was also granted, so that the case in all probability is not yet ended.
“Bushnell was at one time in the employ of Jones and when be left him to take a photographing tour through Washington he took some of Jones’ photographic paraphernalia with him. Bushnell claimed he borrowed it, Jones accused him of stealing it, and had him arrested, Sheriff Phy making the arrest. Upon an examination before a justice of the peace at Union, Bushnell was exonerated, and the $20,000 damage suit is the sequel.”
Both parties formerly resided in Eugene. Bushnell was born and raised in Lane county, being a son of J C Bushnell, who resides a mile north of Eugene, and was for a time manager of the Winter gallery a few years since. His honesty was never questioned here. Jones resided here in the sixties, his father being a photographer. His gallery stood where Rice’s saloon is now located.” The Eugene City guard, July 23, 1898, pg. 7, col. 4.