Hammond, Harry E. (Portland, The Dalles)

Harry E. Hammond (Portland, The Dalles)
Herrin Gallery

1890’s Portland
1897 The Dalles
1901 Nome, AK

According to Michael Cirelli he was in Nome, Alaska by 1901 as a partner in the firm Saaroni & Hammond (J. A. Saaroni & H. E. Hammond, photographers). Their logo on photos is S&H Nome.

Photographer’s Imprints
“Herrin Gallery, H. E. Hammond, Mgr, The Dalles, Ore.” cabinet card

News Items and Advertisements

1897: “The Herrin photograph gallery is reopened by Mr. H. E. Hammond. Strictly first-class photos turned out. Prices very reasonable.” The Dalles daily chronicle, February 26, 1897, pg. 3, col. 1. repeating ad to March 1.

1897: “Photographs. Photos. 50¢, 75¢ and $1 per dozen, for a short time only at the only first-class studio in The Dalles. Everything first-class lessons in retouching by the artist. H. E. Hammond, Manager Herrin’s Gallery” The Dalles daily chronicle, March 16, 1897, pg. 4, col. 1, repeating advertisement to March 27.

1897: “Have you seen those beautiful Olive Platin (sic — should be Platino, short for Platinotype) that Mr. Hammond is making at the Herrin gallery? They are, without a doubt, the finest finished photos that have ever been made in the West. Photographers in the East charge $8 to $15 per dozen for them. To introduce them to in The Dalles, Mr. Hammond will make them at $4.50 per dozen, for cabinets finished on large, heavy or otherwise fancy cards, which is very reasonable considering his is the only gallery in the Northwest where they are finished as they should be, or he will make you a present of one Olive Platin with a dozen of the polished photos, prices of which are still as low as the inferior galleries.” The Dalles daily chronicle, April 16, 1897, pg. 3, col. 2.

1897: “Hammond, the photographer, is branching out in new lines that will be beneficial to business in The Dalles. He has a branch gallery at Arlington under the management of Mr. Fulsom, and this morning started Mr. Allatt into Sherman county with a complete picturetaking outfit.” Times-Mountaineer, (The Dalles) 17 April 1897, pg. 3, col. 3