Fortin, Joseph and F. (The Dalles)

Joseph Fortin
Fortin, F.
Celebrated Photograph Studio
Chicago Art Gallery

before 1885 Alton, Illinois
1891-1899 The Dalles
1902-1905 Lewiston ID
1909 Spokane WA
Walla Walla WA (F. Fortin)

Directory Listings
1884 The Dalles directory not listed
1889 POWI The Dalles not listed
1891 POWI pg. 590 The Dalles “Fortin, Joseph, photographer.”
1897 The Dalles directory: Fortin, Joseph n s 2nd, 3 e Federal.
1909 POW pg. 1245 Spokane WA “Fortin, Joseph photgr E2602 1st av”
Mautz Oregon “Fortin, J., ‘Celebrated Photograph Studio’, 1885, The Dalles

Photographer’s Imprints
“Back in the old stand and better prepared than ever, for doing fine work. J. Fortin’s Celebrated Photograph Gallery, Corner 3rd and state Street, Alton, Ills. To My Patrons. My Studio has been fitted on the most modern plan: the new accessories, backgrounds and instruments of the best designs, and all constructed to ensure richness in result and a graceful pose to the sitter. Since every face has good points, I invite all those who never had a good picture taken to give me a trial. Come whin you fell well; the light is best from 8 A. M. till 4 P. M. My facilities for copying and enlarging old pictures, are the best and cheapest in the state. Oil and Water Coloring a specialty. Respectfully, J. Fortin. The largest stock of Frames, Albums, Mats &c., ever offered in Alton at about half original prices.” printed back CDV
“J. Fortin, Artistic Photographer, Huntington, Oreg.” cabinet card, printed front (WCM #LP72-209/207-21)
“J. Fortin, Artistic Photographer, Opposite Raymond House, Lewiston, Idaho.” cabinet card printed front, on back: “Lessons Given In Photography. Tintypes, Cabinet Size, Four for 25 cents. Pictures Framed, All Sizes and Styles. J. FORTIN Photographer and Artist, Main Street, Opposite Dr. Morris’ Residence, Lewiston, Idaho. My facilities for doing fine work can not by surpassed. Over 30 years experience in St. Louis. Pictures of Residences, Horses, Carriages, etc., taken to order. Fancy pictures of children. Call at Gallery and see samples and prices. J. Fortin, Photographer.”
“First street The Dalles Or 1899 June 6th Fortin Photo” signed in negative, boudoir view of The Dalles flood.
“J. Fortin, Photographer, 2nd. St. The Dalles, Or.” cabinet card printed front
“Chicago Art Gallery. 2D St. Opposite Mays & Crowe’s Hardware Store. The Dalles, Ore. F. Fortin, Photographer” cabinet card imprinted front. “F. Fortin, Walla Walla Wash”
“J. Fortin, Photographer, 2nd St.,, The Dalles, Or.” imprinted front cabinet card. “Chicago Gallery, Second St. The Dalles Oregon. Boots and Shoe’s At Cost” rubber stamp on back.

News Items and Advertisements
1892: “The new photo gallery going up on Second street will be occupied by Mr. J. Fortin, an artist formerly residing in The Dalles.” The Dalles daily chronicle, November 04, 1892, pg. 3, col. 1.

1894: “Mr. Fortin has exhibited to The Chronicle some photographs which for artistic touch and naturalness of expression have never been excelled in The Dalles. In these the features seem to stand out in as bold relief as a portrait in oil, while the shading is in accurate harmony with the whole.” The Dalles daily chronicle, January 02, 1894, pg. 3, cols. 1-2.

1894: “Mr. I. J. Norman was the custodian of a little child about two years old this afternoon. The little one had been wandering around the streets for several hours, and it is but barely old enough to walk. The child accepted the condition very philosophically, neither crying nor exhibiting any especial interest in the matter. It was afterward found to belong to Mr. J. Fortin. Mr. Fortin supposed it was in his brother’s house next door and was much surprised when told that he was around the streets and railroad track.” The Dalles daily chronicle, February 06, 1894, pg. 3, cols. 1-2.

1894: “Beautiful Cabinets, finished in artistic manner, for $1 per dozen at Fortin’s gallery, opposite May & Crowe’s.” The Dalles daily chronicle, January 26, 1894, pg. 3, col. 4. repeated until Feb. 5.

1895: “On Account of Sickness in My Family, And physicians recommending a change of climate, my entire stock of BOOTS and SHOES Will be Sold 20 Per Cent. Below Cost. There will also be a reduction made in prices of Photographs in order to use up stock on hand. BUILDING FOR SALE. Chicago Photograph Gallery, Second Street, Opposite Mays & Crowe’s Hardware Store, The Dalles. F. FORTIN, PROPRIETOR.” The Dalles daily chronicle, February 09, 1895, pg. 1, cols. 1-2. repeated until March 9.

1895: “Monster Sturgeon.
The fishing industry has long been one of the leading factors in business lines of the state of Oregon and Washington, hence anything appertaining to this important
industry is read with interest. Yesterday Mr. F. Fortin, accompanied by five boat loads of people, went down to Crate’s point on the Columbia river, a short distance from The Dalles, where Mr. R. E. Rooney has been successful in the taking of some of the largest sturgeon ever caught in the upper Columbia. One of these fish on exhibition and which was photographed by Mr. F. Fortin, the leading photographer of this city, turns the scales at 900 pounds and is 14 feet in length. This seems almost incredible, but in the show window of Mr. Fortin’s gallery on Second street, there will be on exhibition pictures of these monster sturgeon, which it is well worth anybody’s time and the light expense involved to secure for art souvenirs, as well as their value as illustrating the possibilities of the vast fishing interest of the Columbia river.
Mr. Fortin will show callers interested every courtesy and furnish copies of these interesting views at a mere nominal price. Exhibition and inspection of these art works free, and a cordial invitation is extended to the public to call and inspect these pictures.” The Dalles daily chronicle, February 19, 1895, pg. 2, col. 2.

1895: “Do you like to see fine photographs? If so, feast your eyes at Fortin’s show window. Promenade pictures — new style. Chicago Gallery. Call and see new styles Ladies’ Oxford Ties. Chicago Gallery” The Dalles daily chronicle, March 16, 1895, pg. 3, col. 2., repeated through March 26.

1895: “Shoes below cost. F. Fortin, Photographer.” The Dalles daily chronicle, April 16, 1895, pg. 3, col. 4., repeated through April 26.

1895: “Lost, Strayed or Stolen. One cow, spotted red and white, brand ‘Cook’ on left side, crop off the left ear and hole in right ear. She has one crooked horn. Finder will please return to F. Fortin, Chicago photograph gallery, Second street, The Dalles, Or., and receive a liberal reward.”The Dalles daily chronicle, June 19, 1895, Image 4, col. 2. repeating ad until June 27.

1895: “Mr. F. Fortin, accompanied by his brother from Walla Walla, left this morning for a summer outing at Astoria and the beach.” The Dalles daily chronicle, July 30, 1895, pg. 3, col. 4. and July 31, pg. 4, col. 2.

1895: “Mr. F. Fortin was a passenger down the river on the Regulator this morning.” The Dalles weekly chronicle, September 07, 1895, pg. 4, col. 1.

1897: “J. Fortin, who formerly conducted a photograph gallery here, has returned after about two years absence, and has begun putting up a building on Second street 16×52 with an addition of 14×22, where he will be open a gent’s furnishing establishment in connection with his gallery. M. W. Hoyle is superintending the construction of the building.” The Dalles times-mountaineer, October 23, 1897, pg. 4, col. 1.

1898: “Born — In The Dalles, February 8, to Mr. and Mrs. J. Fortin, a son.” The Dalles times-mountaineer, February 12, 1898, pg. 3, col. 5.

1898: “Yesterday morning the 10-day old infant of Mr. and Mrs. J. Fortin of this place died while in a spasm, and was buried in the afternoon.” The Dalles daily chronicle, February 26, 1898, pg. 3, col. 1.

Hart, Arthur A., Camera Eye on Idaho, (Caldwell; Caxton 1990) pg. 162. Fortin is listed as being in Lewiston ID 1902-1905.