Elite Studio

Elite Studio (Baker)
please see Cooper, Raymond O.

Elite Studio (Bend)
Please see Van Vleet, Roy

Elite Studio (1890s. Portland)
Please see Lussier,
Please see Tyrrel, James J.

Elite Studio (1896. Portland, 421 Washington)
Please see Ribelin
Please see Dealey, Charles A.

Elite Studio (1890s. Portland, 115 Morrison)
Unidentified studio. Robert Brown has suggested it may be William H. Hunt.
Brown, Robert O., Nineteenth Century Portland, Oregon Photographers: A Collector’s Handbook (author; Portland, 1991) pg. 62

Elite Photo Studio (1917 Portland, 245 Alder)
Please see Wilder, Dio D.
Please see Hochscheid, P.

Elite Photo Studio (1899-1902 Salem)
Please see Hart, Preston M.
Please see McLennon, Martha F.

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