Coe, Elmer Andrew (Astoria)

Elmer Andrew Coe (Astoria)


1903-1911 Astoria

Directory Listings

1903 Polk Astoria City Directory pg. 57 “Coe, Elmer A, bicycle rpr Frank Woodfield, res 190 10th”; “Coe, Lottie M, laundress Troy Laundry, res 190 9th”

1910 Or pg. 238 Astoria Photographers “Coe, E. A., 110 11th”

1911 POW pg. 65 Astoria “Coe, Elmer A, photo supplies”


Joyce Herbst, Oregon Coast; Discovering Old Oregon Series (Vol. 2, Frank Amato Pub; Portland, 1985) pg. 14 reproduces photo of shipwreck captioned and signed in negative “British Barque Peter Iredale, Wrecked 1906 Coe Photo.”

Oregon Historical Society, index card with biographical information: “Coe, Elmer Andrew, Astoria and Svenson, Ore. First in bicycle business and refused partnership in Ballou & Wright in favor of photography. Later gave up photography for merchandise store in Svenson. While a photographer, sold many postcard views, often selling hundreds at a time to some sea captain. At his death a Mr. Woodfield obtained most of the glass negatives from the family.

Coe’s first wife died leaving son Ralph Willard, aged one year, and older children George, Stewart, and Bertha. Ralph was taken by his grandparent Mr. and Mrs. Andrew Bronson Coe, and the other children were placed in a Catholic school by Coe’s second wife. They were soon after removed by the grandmother, who was a Seventh Day Adventist and Bertha went to live with her father and step-mother, while the boys stayed with the grandparents. This information Jan. 6, 1961 from Ralph W. Coe, 4306 O. B. Highway, Longview, Washington.”

(See also Woodfield biography in this book. Coe and Woodfield worked together in Astoria from around 1910-1920. Coe is mentioned in Woodfield’s biography).

News Items

1893: A woman is murdered on a farm in Bear Creek, and E. A. Coe brings the news to the coroner in Astoria. Elmer A. Coe was impaneled as the foreman of a grand jury the next day to hear evidence. The daily morning Astorian, July 28, 1893, pg. 3, col. 2-3.

1899: “Elmer A. Coe and Lottie M. Harmon, both of Svensen, were united in marriage at 4 yesterday afternoon. The ceremony, which was performed by Rev. W. B., Hollingshead, took place at the residence of Mrs. Robert Voath.” The daily morning Astorian, pg. 4, col. 2.

1910: (article about census takers) “… Clatsop … Elmer A. Coe, Astoria; …” Oregonian , March 29, 1910, pg. 9.