Bagnasco, Policarpo (Portland)

Bagnasco, Policarpo (Portland)

An Itallian photographer who worked in Paris and emigrated to the United States. By 1866, he was working as a photographer in San Francisco. In the fall of that year, he moved to Portland and worked briefly for Joseph Buchtel (q.v.) at his photo studio. Buchtel advertised his new operator in the August 25th issue of the Oregonian. By January of 1867 he was no longer working for Buchtel. During the early 1870s, he traveled through Arizona and New Mexico. He was at Santa Fe in July and August 1872. Around this time, Bagnasco became employed by Carlton Watkins. Through much of the 1870’s, Bagnasco was Watkin’s printer and manager of his San Francisco gallery. Bagnasco authored a letter published in “Anthony’s Photographic Bulletin,” February 1880, where he endorses T. C. Roche’s Sublime Bromide Emulsion (wet plate sensitizer.) The letter was sent from San Francisco. In the letter Bagnasco mentions he had been in New York the previous year. Around 1881, Policarpo had a studio in Tuscon. Next, he became the chief photographer for I. W. Taber, of San Francisco, from about 1882 – 1892.

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“Filed November 16, 1883. No. 7693. LAWRENCE vs. NUNAN. By the Court: The question involved in this case is, whether, upon the sale of the property from Watkins to Bagnasco, there was an actual and continued change of possession, within the meaning and intent of the statute. The evidence upon that subject was conflicting, but there was sufficient to sustain the finding. Judgment and order affirmed.” (Pacific Coast Law Journal, 1883-1884, Containing All the Decisions of the Supreme Court, Vol. 12, pg. 321.)

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