Clark, Charles W., James H., & M. A. (Roseburg)

Charles W. Clark (Roseburg)

Clark, James H.

Clark, M. A.

Clark Bros.

Clark & Clark


1908-1917 Roseburg

The Clark brothers purchased the H. D. Graves studio in 1908, according to a 1972 interview recorded by Glenn Mason, cited by Peter Palmquist.

Directory Listings

1909 Roseburg city directory: Clark, C. W., photographer

1913 POW pg. 1951 photographers “Clark Bros, Rosebury (sic) O”

1915 POW pg. 1492 photographers “Clark, J. H., Roseburg O”

1917 POW pg. 1535 photographers “Clark & Clark, Roseburg O”

1925 POW pg. 450 Roseburg “Clark & Clark (J H and M A) photog 137 N Jackson”

Mautz Oregon “Clark, James, & Chas. W., 1900, Roseburg”

Directory Listings

“C. W. Clark, I. O. O. F. Building, Roseburg, Oregon” printed front, portrait folder tr

“Clark’s Studio, Roseburg, Oregon” printed front, portrait folder, ms date 9 December 1916. tr

“Clark’s Studio, Roseburg, Oregon” printed back of Cyko real photo post card, ms date 28 May 1915. tr



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