Evans, Oliver (Newberg)

Oliver Evans (Newberg)
Evans Studio

Directory Listings
1915 POW pg. 1491 photographers “Evans, Oliver, Newberg, O”
1917 POW pg. 1534 photographers “Evans, Oliver, Newberg, O”
1925 POW pg. 283 Newberg “Evans, Oliver photog”
Photographer’s Imprints
“Evans Studio, Newberg, Ore” blind stamp on mount. 8 x 10 print with ms date May 12, 1915. (OHS collection)

News Items and Advertisements
1913: “Newberg Has Active Ladies’ Civic Improvement Club.” photo of group, one of the ladies is “Mrs. Oliver Evans”, photo likely by our subject. Sunday Oregonian, August 10, 1913, pg. 16, cols. 4-6.