Bushnell, Corry A. (Portland, La Grande, Union)

Bushnell, Corry A. (ca.1866-1941)

1891-1895 Ellensburgh WA
1896 Eugene
1898 Yakima WA
1898-1899 LaGrande and Union (with Olive Langford)
1900 Fresno CA (with Olive Langford)
1902-1914 Seattle WA
1915-1925 Portland
Do not confuse this person with H. H. Bushnell, based in San Francisco circa 1881.
Do not confuse Seattle Bushnell studio with James G. Bushnell studio, active Seattle in 1907.
Prints signed with the distinctive Bushnell signature were done by studio employees, as there are many variations of the penmanship and some are obvious attempts to copy a model signature.
The operator of the Portland Bushnell studio from 1914-1925 was Ludwig Pokorney. His will lists the studio as a personal asset, and it is probable he was a co-owner.

Employee Index
Pokorney, Ludwig L. 1914-1925

Directory Listings
1891 POWI pg. 775 Ellensburgh WA “Bushnell, Cory (sic) A., photographer”
1914 PCD not listed
1914 PCBD Photographers “Bushnell’s Studio, Columbia Bldg, Main 1635”
1915 PCD pg. 272 “Bushnell, Corry A pres-mgr Bushenll Studio, Columbia bldg”; “Bushnell Studio, Corry A Bushnell Pres-Mngr, Studio 6th Floor Columbia Bldg, 365 Washington, Tel Main 1635, A1635”, “Bushnell, Corry A pres-mngr Bushnell Studio, r Imperial Hotel”
1916 PCD pg. 275 “Bushnell Studio, Corry A Bushnell Pres-Mgr, Studio 6th Floor Columbia Bldg 365 Washington, Tel Main 1635, 1635”
1917 PJD pg. 76 Photographers “Bushnell’s Studio, Columbia Bldg. Main 1635, A-1625”
1917 PCD pg. 228 “Bushnell, Corry A pres-mgr Bushnell Studio Columbia bldg”; “Bushnell Studio, Corry A Bushnell pres-mgr 6th fl Columbia bldg”
1925 PCD pg. 386 “Bushnell, Corry A, business mgr Bushnell Studio r Nortonia Hotel”, “Bushnell Studio, L. L. Pokorney mgr, Photographs of Merit, 6th Floor Columbia Bldg, Tel Broadway 7035
Mautz Washington”Bushnell, Cory A, 1894, Ellensburg, W. T.”

Photographer’s Imprints
“Bushnell Foto, San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, Oakland” cabinet card, imprint on front
“Bushnell, Portland, Seattle” printed front portrait folder; “Bushnell, Portland, Ore.” blind stamp on print.

News Items and Advertisements
1895: “Fire at Ellensburg. ELLENSBURG, Wash., March 28.- Fire was discovered early this morning in Bushnell’s photograph gallery, in the Rehmke block. Rehmke Bros.’ jewelry store, on the ground floor, was badly injured by water, but nearly the entire stock was saved. The gallery was badly damaged. The total insurance of $300 will about cover the loss, most of which is on the building.” Oregonian, 29 March 1895, pg. 3.

1896: “C. L Winter has leased his photo gallery to Mr. C. A. Bushnell of Seattle who will take charge of the same about August 7th. Mr. Winter will probably go to Portland” Oregon State Journal, (Eugene) 1 Aug 1896 pg. 5 col. 6.

1898: “TALK COST $2,000. C. A. Bushnell Recovers That Amount For Slander. Former Eugeneites. The Portland Telegram of July 19 says “C A Bushnell, the itinerant photographer, who sued A K Jones, a merchant of Union, and J F Phy, sheriff of Union county, for $20,000, based upon claims of malicious prosecution, was this morning awarded $2,000 damages by the jury that has been sitting on the case in the United States circuit court since last Saturday.
“As the verdict appeared to be entirely satisfactory to the plaintiff, he at once requested a judgment upon the findings of the jury, which was granted.
“Council for the defense, however, demurred, and asked for ten days’ time in which to file a motion for a new trial. This motion was also granted, so that the case in all probability is not yet ended.
“Bushnell was at one time in the employ of Jones and when be left him to take a photographing tour through Washington he took some of Jones’ photographic paraphernalia with him. Bushnell claimed he borrowed it, Jones accused him of stealing it, and had him arrested, Sheriff Phy making the arrest. Upon an examination before a justice of the peace at Union, Bushnell was exonerated, and the $20,000 damage suit is the sequel.”
Both parties formerly resided in Eugene. Bushnell was born and raised in Lane county, being a son of J C Bushnell, who resides a mile north of Eugene, and was for a time manager of the Winter gallery a few years since. His honesty was never questioned here. Jones resided here in the sixties, his father being a photographer. His gallery stood where Rice’s saloon is now located.” The Eugene City guard, July 23, 1898, pg. 7, col. 4.

1898: “(Corry) A. Bushnell, the photographer of this city, and his sister, Mrs. E. E. James, left for Spokane…to be at the bedside of their younger sister, Miss Cora Bushnell, who was taken suddenly ill…” The Yakima Epigram, (North Yakima WA) 28 May 1898 pg. 8 col. 1 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1898: “Having bought the Coombs & Bryan photo business I will make photos from negatives made by Coombs & Bryan, Iler or Hamacher at half price for the next 30 days. C. A. Bushnell. (The) James Gallery.” The Yakima Epigram, (North Yakima WA) 9 April 1898 pg. 4 col. 2 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1898: “Bushnell Gets Damages. C. A. Bushnell, the traveling photographer who sued A, K. Jones and J. F. Phy, of Union county, for $20,000 which he claimed for malicious prosecution by Jones who had him arrested for taking with him on a tour some photographic fixtures while the two men were in partnership, was awarded $2000 damages by the jury.” Pendleton Tribune, 21 July 1898, pg. 1, col. 6.

1899: “C. A. Bushnell, the popular photographer, contemplates leaving next month for San Francisco and Honolulu with the view of remaining permanently in the latter city.” The Yakima Democrat, (North Yakima WA) 3 June 1899 pg. 6 col. 2 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1899: “C. A. Bushnell left on Friday for San Francisco, after visiting in that city for some time he will depart for Honolulu probably to remain.” The Yakima Democrat, (North Yakima WA) 17 June 1899 pg. 4 col. 2 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)
1903: (review of First Convention of The Photographers Ass’n of California) “The following is a list of exhibitors from the East and the Pacific Northwest…Bushnell Studio, San Francisco” Camera Craft, Vol. VIII, No 1, December 1903, pg. 29-30.
1911: list of awards at Umatilla District Fair, Works of art exhibit, “Mrs. C. A. Bushnell, first , portrait of painting in oil.” Live Wire (Pendleton) 21 September 1911, pg. 7, col. 2.
1914: “Seattle Photographer’s Banquet… those present… C. A. Bushnell” Camera Craft, Vol. XXI, No. 4, April, 1914, pg. 198.

1914: “Mr. Porcorny, formerly of the Hartsook Studios, is now with James & Bushnell, Portland, Oregon.” Camera Craft, Vol. XXI, No. 9, September 1914, pg. 471.

1941: “Corry A. Bushnell, 75-year-old retired photographer and co-founder of the Bushnell Studio in Seattle, died yesterday after a short illness… Mr. Bushnell was born in Eugene, Or. He attended the University of Oregon. He married Miss Harriet Herron of Corvallis, Or., and a few years later moved to Seattle where he and the late E. E. James founded the Bushnell Studio in 1902. Mr. Bushnell lived in Seattle thirty-eight years… Mr. Bushnell also founded a photographic studio in Portland, Or., in 1914…” Seattle Daily Times, 11 June 1941 pg. 17 col. 5 (courtesy Michael Cirelli)

1941: “C.A. BUSHNELL. C. A. Bushnell, who set up a photographic studio in Portland in 1914, died Tuesday in Seattle following a short illness. Funeral services for Mr. Bushnell, 73, will be held on Friday in Seattle. He was born in Eugene and leaves the widow, a brother, E. T. Bushnell of Eugene, and two sisters.” Oregonian, 12 June 1941, pg. 15.

Palmquist, Peter, Shadowcatchers; A Directory of Women in California Photography Before 1901, Arcata CA; author 1990, pg. 133-134. “Langford, Olive (Miss Olive Langford) Photographer and partner in gallery; active Fresno c. 1899-1900.
Born Iowa (January 1868); father (b. Iowa) and mother Sarah Langford (b. Indiana 1838).
The 1900 census indicates that Olive’s mother had been married 36 years (no mention of her husband) and had three children but only Olive still lived with her mother.
The Palmquist collection has one portrait by Olive Langford.
1899: Possibly working as a photographer (she worked full time at an unnamed occupation for the 12 months preceding June 1900 census.)
1900: Unmarried; age 32; partner in portrait gallery with photographer Corry Bushnell (b. Oregon 1866). Olive resided in her mother’s house at 1332 J Street; Bushnell was a ‘lodger’ in the same household. (C. Fresno County 1900, reel 86, p. 28A.)”

Photographer’s Association of the Pacific Northwest, Programme of Seventh Annual Convention, September 3rd – 6th, 1907, Seattle; n.p. 1907. (unpaginated) “Members Photographic Association of the Pacific Northwest 1907…Bushnell, C. A.—Seattle, Wash…” … “Committees:… Reception: The Executive Officers of the Association assisted by… Mrs. C. A. Bushnell…”