Arleta Studio (Portland)

Arleta Studio (Portland)

The Arleta Studio is an unidentified photographer who was listed in two directories, the 1910 city directory and a 1914 telephone book. It is not listed in any other directory. Two photographers had nearby residences, they are S. E. Stone (q.v.), and Kearney (q.v.) but it is not known if either of them was connected with the Arleta Studio.

According to an article in the Oregonian, Claude Palmer bought the studio and operated it until it burned down in 1918. Palmer then went on to found Photo Art Studio.

Sunday Oregonian, May 26, 1918, Page 49, Col. 4 Arleta Studio burns on Tuesday, May 21. The negatives were rescued by Claude Palmer.

Morning Oregonian, May 16, 1932, Page 5, Col. 5 biography of Claude Palmer says he bought the Arleta studio at age 15. He was born May 16, 1899 so the sale was around 1915.

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