Gilhousen, William H. (The Dalles)

William H. Gilhousen (The Dalles)

Gilhousen Bros.


1879-1888 The Dalles

1903 Los Angeles CA

Warsaw, Illinois

In 1884, Gilhousen was operating his photo gallery in a new brick building, the Col Gates’ building, which was opposite the Post Office. It appears that a photographer named Harman moved into Gilhousen’s gallery for several weeks in late January 1885 and then W. H. Partridge moved into the gallery during the first week of February 1885. Partridge moved away from The Dalles on 27 March 1885, although he left an employee there to operate the gallery for him. Gilhousen’s first advertisement that he was resuming operations there appeared on 23 May 1885.

Directory Listings

1884 POWI pg. 363 The Dalles “Gilhousen, W. H., photographer”

1885 Dalles: Dalles City pg. 65 “Gilhousen, W. H., photographer, res, Fulton’s addition”, pg. 95 tax list “Gilhousen, W. H. The Dalles, $1269” <assessed valuation>, plus two advertisements quoted below.

1886 POWI pg. 406 The Dalles “Gilhousen, Wm H, photographer”

1888 POWI pg. 510 The Dalles “Gilhousen, Wm. H., photographer, e s Court s of 2nd”

Mautz Oregon “Gilhousen, W. H., 1880, The Dalles”, “Gilhousen Bros, 1895, Heppner”

Photographer’s Imprints

“Gilhousen & Son, The Dalles” CDV printed front (Terray Harmon)

“Gilhousen, Warsaw Ill” cabinet card, printed front

News Items and Advertisements

1879: Account of The Dalles fire, which burned out about 6 blocks of downtown. “Following are the names of those burned out…Court Street…W. H. Gilhousen, photograph gallery…” (article includes map) “additional particulars in regards to the losses and insurance:…W. H. Gilhousen, loss 700…” <Gilhousen was not insured> Daily Standard, (Portland) 24 May 1879 pg. 3 col. 2.

1884: “We call attention to the fine display of photographs in front of Mr. Gilhousen’s gallery, the city artist. These will bear comparison with work done anywhere, even in San Francisco. The best mottoe (sic) for our citizens to follow, is to patronize those who patronize them, and who live among us, and help pay our taxes and are identified with our growth and prosperity. Home industry should always receive the most patronage” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 22 November 1884, pg. 3, col. 1.

1884: “Mr. Gilhousen had some fine views in a camera obscura on the corner of Court and Second street yesterday. They were real works of art.” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 13 December 1884, pg. 3, col. 1.

1885: “W. H. Gilhousen, Photographer, Court Street, Bet 2d and 3d. The Only Photo Gallery in the city of eight years’ standing, and the work done at this Gallery is not a whit behind that executed in the larger cities where they do so much blowing.” advertisement in Dalles City Directory, The Dalles; J. P. Killinger, 1885, pg. 26. <apparently the Gilhousen ad was placed prior to his sale of the studio to Partridge>

1885: “W. H. PARTRIDGE. Has recently bought out Mr. W. H. Gilhousen, and will hereafter conduct the business. He has the only photo gallery in the city, and the work done by him will compare favorably with that of larger cities.” advertisement in Dalles City Directory, The Dalles; J. P. Killinger, 1885, pg. 126.

(Please see the Partridge section of this book for an extended discussion of these advertisements. I beleive the pg. 26 ad was placed in late 1884, and that the pg. 126 Partridge ad was placed in early February 1885)

1885: “Once more I have taken possession of the photograph gallery and will be assisted by Mr. Baeck, of San Francisco, one of the best operators on the coast, having had 20 years experience in Europe, in some of the leading galleries of London and Paris. The Dalles may now expect fine work at the following low prices: cards $3, cabinets $5, and boudoirs $8 per dozen. Don’t all come in a rush but give us plenty of time. W. H. Gilhousen.” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 23 May 1885, pg. 3, col. 4.

1886: “Mr. W. H. Gilhousen, our artist, has a fine display of photographs at the Post Office. Examine them, if you wish to see pictures true to life.” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 16 January 1886, pg. 3, col. 1.

1886: “Every one examing those splendid photographs of Mr. Gilhousen’s in front of the Post Office admit that they are the finest that have ever been on exhibition in the Dalles” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 23 January 1886, pg. 3, col. 1.

1886: “The display of Mr. Gilhousen’s superb photographs on the corner of Second nd Court streets, continue to attract many people. The universal verdict is that they cannot be excelled in the line of art.” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 13 February 1886, pg. 3, col. 1.

1886: “Gilhousen’s Gallery. On Court street opposite the Old Court House is the place to get your picture taken. A new outfit of scenic backgrounds just from Chicago. Satisfaction Guaranteed.” The Dalles Times-Mountaineer 20 March 1886, pg. 3, col. 1. (ed note – the probable source of the backgrounds is Chicago’s major photographic supply house of 1886, Gayton A. Doughall & Co.)


Palmquist, Peter, unpublished research notes. Summary: W. H. Gilhousen was in Los Angeles, CA, at 1109 South Central avenue in 1903.